Meet Brad and Lindsey…


Based out of Anoka, MN aka “The Halloween Capitol of the World”…Brad and Lindsey are homegrown Minnesotans who have thrown aside all of the “what if’s” & escape corporate Americas grasp in order to follow their dreams and open their own business. Brad’s interests in cooking, Norse lore and tradition and Lindsey’s love of mother nature and gardening were the inspiration for Herban Wolf Deli, a full-service deli on wheels which has since evolved into a deli in Historic Anoka, MN. There, you can find bold, handmade flavors, local herbaceous breads and ingredients, smoky meats and cheeses and crisp, fresh vegetables.

We’re laid-back, chill people who love chatting with strangers, sharing a drink with old friends around the fire, and laughing with new ones. We’ve always loved to entertain and cook for family and friends, so now we bring our passion and love for food to the North metro.

In addition to having one another, we also have two curious, determined daughters, a rescue pup named Daisy, a snake, bearded dragon and gecko ready to accompany us on this journey. Don’t worry, only the human animals prepare the food.

Stop by, say hello. Hang out. Eat our sandwiches. Enjoy. We appreciate your support.